Floating Islands

  • Floating Islands and Phyto-Remediation

    • Design of Floating Island Systems: Our team has been working with floating island systems for the past 4 years to create effective systems to remediate contaminants in water. Our current work has invovled research into heavy metals and nutrient remediation of storm ponds, and settling ponds. Our advantage is that we understand the species of plants that grow effectively in Canadian climates and can pair the right plant species with the habitat and contaminants in question to ensure the most effective removal of contaminants from water in a passive and cost effective manner
    • GP Restortion Solutions Inc.: Our sister company was created to support manufacturing floating islands and native seed harvesters. We are proud to announce our new floating island technology is now available. The North Star floating islands are designed with plant growth in mind. we have focused on creating a platform that is solid, does not break down or release plastics foams into the environment and can withstand freezing temperatures. Our islands can be modified to promote different growth requirements of plants through changing the growing mediums of the islands. 
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    • What species do we use? we customize the plant species for the contaminant in question. Generally we focus on native wetland plants as these species are adapted to our ecosystems. we pair the right species of plant with the right growing environment and the specific contaminants that it is effective in removing. our research work with Olds College has led to the beginnings of a database of each native wetland plant in western Canada and how it cam be used most effectively for removal of contaminants in water. 
    • What Can they be used for? Our islands are currently in use for remediation of Selenium contamination in mines, nutrient and metal removal in storm water ponds, agriclutural settling ponds, dugouts and other water infrastructure across western Canada.
    • For more information contact GP Restoration Solutions Inc. or contact us through our website for more information about our floating Islands.
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