Component 2 - Grasses

Location: Cochrane or Glen Bow Provincial Park (Day 1) Cremona – Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds (Day 2)
Date: June 11-12, 2024

This component of the course will involve a one hour classroom component reviewing the parts of plants and an introduction to keying grasses. The rest of the two days will be devoted to identifying grasses in field conditions.

Day 1 will cover the species of the dry mixed grass, mixed grass, foothills fescue, northern fescue and montane natural subregions. Over 30 species of grass will be covered in this component focusing on vegetative and reproductive keying. By the end of this day each student will have seen all the common species found within these natural subregions and should feel very comfortable keying out any species they do not already recognize within these natural subregions.

Day 2 will cover the boreal, lower foothills, upper foothills, and aspen parkland natural subregions. Over 30 species will be covered in this component focusing on both vegetative and reproductive keying. After completing both days students will have been exposed to the majority of the most common grasses found within Alberta. Discussions surrounding reclamation, protection of endangered species among other topics will occur with the instructors to give students a hands on understanding of the importance of each species and the potential uses of each species within reclamation, landscaping and maintaining the ecological integrity of Alberta's natural areas.

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