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As a family run company our core Senior professionals have been together for decades. As our team has grown so has our skills and abilities to more effectively meet our client's needs. With over ten professionals located across Alberta we are able to quickly respond to our clients needs regardless of their locations. Our current bases of operation include Calgary, Cremona, Pincher Creek, and St. Albert. Outside of our core staff we have a wide variety of subcontractors that we have long term working relationships with. Currently our team includes over 15 full and part time personnel. Bio's on our Senior team are found below.



Steven Tannas BSc. PhD. PAg.


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With a BSc in Range and Pasture Management and a PhD in Range and Wildlife Management, Steven has effective multidiscipline training in soils, native plants, animals and management of complex native ecosystems. His training however is not limited to his academic career but has grown up working in the environmental field. Steven has managed the native plant breeding facility at ESRS for the past 15 years under Clare Tannas. Steven has also conducted hundreds of rare species inventories, detailed vegetation assessments and created numerous reclamation plans and range management plans for governments, industry and ranches. Additional skills include air photo interpretation, and creating multi discipline management plans. Steven's contributions to scientific research continue in his position as Chief of Science for Glen Bow Provincial Park's Foothills Fescue Research Institute and is a special graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph.


Eileen Tannas BSc.

Vice President

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Skilled in business management with a math and finance degree Eileen has been effective in managing the creation of TCS. Eileen has also spent the past three years propagating native plants and conducting plant community assessment and rare species surveys. With a specialization in boreal ecosystems and plant propagation Eileen brings a unique mix of skills to TCS.


Kathy Tannas B.Ed.

Senior Plant Taxonomist

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Kathy is a highly experienced plant taxonomist and author of "Common Plant of The Western Rangelands". Over the past 30 years Kathy has been involved in multiple publications as a plant taxonomist and surveyed over 1 million acres of land in western Canada. Kathy specializes in plant community assessments including rare plant surveys, weed surveys, rangeland health assessments, wetland health assessments and detailed vegetation inventories. Kathy has also been instrumental in training hundreds of people in the discipline of plant taxonomy through the annual Plant Identification Courses put on by TCS over the past 20 years.


Clare Tannas BSc.

Senior Rangeland Agrologist

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Clare has been a Rangeland Agrologist for the past 30 years. Initially working for ASRD Public lands division he has extensive experience in rangeland inventories, air photo interpretation, plant community mapping, rare species management, reclamation monitoring, and weed management. Over his career Clare has surveyed over 1 million acres of land and won the Alberta Emerald Award with Kathy for his commitment to the environment. Clare has also been a contributor to publications on reclamation as well as to the "Common Plants of The Western Rangelands" publication by Kathy Tannas. Clare has also contributed greatly to education though teaching plant identification courses annually through TCS.


Krista Bird PhD. P.Biol.

Senior Wildlife Biologist and Regulatory Lead

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Krista is a senior wildlife biologist/terrestrial ecologist and a professional bioloigst (P.Biol.) Through the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB). Krista specializes in terrestrial widllife biology, particularly ornithology, and have extensive experience in a variety of wildlife, field, laboratory, data collection, data analysis, permitting/regulatory, and reporting methodologies. Her primary focus has been in western North America (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota, and North Dakota) on endangered species/species at risk, avian species (galliforms, waterfowl, and passerines), and the oil and gas industyr. Krista has considerable experience working with federal, provincial, and state governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, environmental groups, private landowners, museums, publ,ic organizations, industry, and academia. Krista has 10 years of experience working with the oil and gas industry in both an academic (researching the impact of industry on the movement, behaviour, and geneitcs of avian species) and consulting capacity (researching and writing environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and environmental assessments (EAs)). In recent years, Krista has specialized in federal, provincial, and municipal environmental permits and regulatory approvals for a variety of public and private sector projects.